We will continue to provide our community service with some changes that will help ensure the safety of our customers and employees. These include;


–         Mon – Sat  10AM-6PM

–         Sun            1PM-6PM


–          Reservations are strongly encouraged.

–          Reservations can be made 48 hrs is advance during normal business hours.

–          All shooters will be limited to 1 hr.

–          Walk in’s will be accommodated if possible, they must wait outside or in their car until they are notified.

–          Limit of 2 people per lane

–          Every other lane spacing

–          No observers

–          No lingering, or wandering around the store

–          One box of 50 rounds per person


–          Only 2-3 shoppers at a time will be allowed in the store. You can leave your name and number at the front door and wait outside or in your car. We will call you when it’s your turn.

–          You must be specific in your request, no lingering or wandering though the store.

Leagues and Classes

–          Canceled until further notice.