Our Gunsmith focus is “General Repair”.  Services include: cleaning, repair and/or replacing parts, installing drop in trigger kits, mounting optics, bore sighting, and restoring antique firearms.  We also perform a variety of work on 1911’s and hold Armorer certificates from several major manufacturers. Come see us for your repair needs.

Exact cost will be determined by actual work performed. Additional costs may apply for fittings and parts.

$40 Install Pistol Sights
$25 Sight-In Firearm (Does not include cost of ammo)
$40 Clean/Lube Handgun
$50 Clean/Lube Long-gun
$25 Bore Sight Rifle
$50 Mount Rifle Scope (Bore Sight & Live-Fire included if ammo is provided)
$25 Mount Rifle Scope (If scope is purchased at Range 54)
Installation of Trigger $40
Mount Butt Pad $25
Fit 1911 Barrel $75
Fit 1911 Trigger $35
Fit 1911 Hammer $45
Sling Swivels/Studs $30
Sig Pistol Short Reset Trigger $40
Replace/Tune Extractor & Spring $30
Replace/Install Ejector $30
Miscellaneous Repairs or Diagnostics (1/2 hr min) $50/HR
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