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Range 54 offers a wide variety of custom safes, including our new Liberty safes. Financing Available

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Explore our 3,500 sq. ft. retail store featuring Liberty Safes, state-of-the-art guns, ammunition, accessories, cleaning supplies, clothing and personal defense items.

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Dakota Safes

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Dakota Safes

Built to the same specs associated with most of the higher end safes and a price below that of its competitors. These safes have no match in their class.





badlands safes

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Bad Lands Safes

One of the best built, most economic safes on the market. Fully welded body and many other features found only in upper range safes.





vaultek vt20i 1

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If you’re serious about your weapons, this is your safe. Unmatched features, powerhouse security, rugged design, intelligent app, and extreme durability.