The instructors at Range 54 value training. We know that training builds muscle memory, enabling you to automatically revert to your training in a stressful and unexpected situation.
We believe that you should train often, and that training should be skill-focused and affordable.

Come Train With Us!

Each course curricula is developed with the shooter’s skill level, willingness to learn and budget in mind. All of our classes are affordable, average two hours in length and are designed for shooters of virtually all skill levels. We have a highly trained team of instructors, focused on providing valuable training to our students and helping you get where you want to be as a shooter.

Range 54 offers a broad range of firearms and self-defense classes for private citizens, professional security applications and law enforcement. Our range of classes includes handgun basics, Kansas Concealed Carry (CCH) as well as HR 218 Certification, Private Investigator Certification, Private Security Firearms Training, and advanced civilian and law enforcement tactical training. We also offer women’s-only courses, led by female instructors, designed to provide a comfortable environment for female shooters who prefer to train with women. In addition, we offer private lessons and a variety of workshops to promote the safety, competence, and knowledge of all of our guests.

Some professional training courses are scheduled quarterly. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the calendar, contact the store for more information. Rental firearms are available for training, however, ammunition, eye protection and ear protection for all classes are provided by the shooter. All items needed for training can be purchased at Range 54.


Range 54 has two comfortable classrooms equipped with audio/video equipment, classroom seating, and free wireless internet that can be rented for your next corporate event, party or group meeting.  Contact the store for more information.

Standard Classroom Layout

Meeting Room Layout

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